1. Air depollution equipment for open spaces in conurbations with heavy auto traffic
  2. Analytical system for atomic fluorescence with atomization cell in the capacitive coupled plasma atomization
  3. Automatic guidance device for solar energy collectors 
  4. Device for generating ultrasound field in liquids situated in vessels with narrow apertures
  5. Divider – adder for hydraulic flows
  6. Enzymatic technology for biodiesel production from vegetable oils
  7. Fluid distributor used in hydraulic or pneumatic actuating installations
  8. Hydraulic pump with forced suction
  9. Intelligent system of active diagnosis and prediction of degradation state of buildings in complex polluted environment
  10. Laboratory method for producing aluminophosphate glasses doped with rare-earth ions
  11. Method and device for monitoring the behaviour of metallic structures to the mechanical actions
  12. Method and equipment for testing road longitudinal profiles in dynamic regime
  13. Method and mobile equipment for measuring road layers’ thickness
  14. Method of obtaining nanopowders with an antibacterial character
  15. Method of recuperative treatment of the nickel ion from residual solutions
  16. Method of recuperative treatment of the zinc ion from residual solutions
  17. Mineral waste eco-friendly recycling technologies for building materials industry
  18. Mobile system and mapping method for accurate mapping of objects or their components placed at a long distance from roads
  19. Non-invasive procedure and device for measuring thermal diffusion
  20. Optoelectronic device/mounting and process for the stratigraphical analysis of chemical composition of art object surface layer material using LIBS (Laser induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) techniques
  21. Proportional reversible hydraulic pump
  22. Rotary hydraulic machine used as pump or motor
  23. Rotary hydraulic transformer designed for hydraulic driven installations
  24. Suction apparatus used in the hydrostatic actuating field
  25. Technology and pilot station for biodiesel production from soy oil resulted as by product in the technological process of obtaining soy proteins
  26. Technology for bioethanol production from wood waste by enzymatic hydrolysis
  27. Technology for bioethanol production from wood waste by acid hydrolysis
  28. Technology for bioethanol production from wood using simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) method
  29. Tribological device for pneumatic cylinders
  30. Vibratory cylinder with hydraulic drive for concrete
  31. Determination of steroid hormones in river waters
  32. Method for phthalates determination in milk
  33. Determination of disinfection by-products in drinking water
  34. Fast method for determination of metal concentration in water
  35. Novel osteoconductive coatings in mono and bilayer structures used in biomedical applications
  36. Mobile laboratory for investigation, diagnosis, monitoring and restoration of heritage components
  37. Procedure for the association of imaging information obtained following non-destructive, non-invasive investigations conducted with photonic techniques
  38. Method for lead determination in food of plant origin using freeze-drying, ultrasound-assisted extraction and graphite furnace atomic absorption
  39. Optimized extraction of PLFA (Phospholipid Fatty Acid) from soil for gas-chromatographic analysis
  40. Romanian research team offers an analytical method for evaluating the elemental composition of the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) addressing waste management companies, environmental analysis laboratories, urban waste recovery agents etc.
  41. Analytical method for assessing the degree of recovery of metals from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  42. Method for identifying the type of plastics from the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)